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newmachine in Krakow's radio "radiofonia" through project WOUNDS ! / newmachine v Krakovskom rádiu "radiofonia" prostredníctvom projektu WOUNDS !

Polish brother Bartek Szturgiewicz had interview in Krakow's radio "radiofonia" in his native Polish Monday, April 18, 2011. He talked about his project WOUNDS, free publishing TERRANEAN RECORDINGS, where he acts as co-leader, he was play a new tracks, some of his inspirations and some new releases from TERRANEAN RECORDINGS and besides play music close to him.
newmachine secondly on the radio through project WOUNDS ! Reference to hearing broadcasts in mp3 format for download here(in Polish):


Listen & download here too:



Wounds - Rainfunk (work in progress on this one)
Boards of Canada - Music is Math
Dwayne & Kale - Different Sounds (coming soon on Terranean Recordings)
Wounds - Oh Peter (new track from the upcoming "Regn" EP)
Final - Green (Alt. Mix)
Wounds - Idle
Mamiffer - Death Shawl
Wounds - Echoes of the Past
Coil - The Dreamer is Still Asleep
Wounds - Losing Focus
Pleq - Philippe Lamy
Wounds - Idle (fragment. Remix)
Skink - Feb. 11 Which Blue Do You Like?
Wounds - Idle (Concrete/Field Himalayan Mix)
Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)
Wounds - Dance of the Snowflakes (newmachine Remix)
Low - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
thisquietarmy - The Iron Harvest
Final - Gravity

Brat Poliak Bartek Szturgiewicz mal interview v Krakovskom rádiu "radiofonia" naživo v rodnej polštine v pondelok 18.04.2011. Rozprával o svojom projekte WOUNDS, free vydavateľstve TERRANEAN RECORDINGS, kde pôsobí ako co-leader, popri tom púšťal hudbu jemu blízku, hral nové skladby, niektoré z jeho inšpirácií a niektoré z nových vydaní na TERRANEAN RECORDINGS.
newmachine druhýkrát v rádiu prostredníctvom projektu WOUNDS ! Odkaz na vypočutie vysielania v podobe mp3 na stiahnutie vyššie.

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