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First review on newmachine album "Dale Woods" / Prvá recenzia na album newmachine "Dale Woods"

My first review on an open album "Dale Woods" of my project newmachine by Bob Sanchez at http://shoegazeronline.com/:

"newmachine (yes, it’s spelled in lower case) is Juraj Marko’s project that he classifies under the headings ‘ambient, drone, shoegaze, post-metal, post-rock, alternative and experimental’. He got the idea to start this project after listening to old demos he did from 1991 to 2003. He’s from Slovakia and is also a member of the industrial metal band newbreed among others. He plays all the instruments in this project. We will have an interview of him soon.

I found out about Juraj and his project while going through Justin Broadrick’s facebook page links when I was trying to get in touch with Justin for a possible interview. He was asking Justin and others seeing the post to give a listen to his album. I went to his site and link and listened to his work and I liked what I heard.

Juraj posted a 3-song online album called ‘Dale Woods’ that you can download for free here: http://newmachine.bandcamp.com/. The album consists of instrumentals and has the original mix of ‘Dale Woods’, a remix of it and another song Machine (2010 Mix). This album was inspired by, according to him, ‘nature under the Trenčín castle – forest park Brezina and the sounds of the “s/t” album by FINAL + FEAR FALLS BURNING and the album “Jesu: Pale Sketches De-Mixed” by PALE SKETCHER.’ True enough the album does sound like Justin Broadrick’s projects- down tuned, distorted, reverb heavy guitars with electronic samples and beats. The first song on the album is the original version of ‘Dale Woods.’ It’s a 10 minute plus distorted, sludge reminiscent of ambient metal of Sunn((o. The song consists only of a riff repeated throughout the song with a synthesizer flute providing the melody producing a hypnotic effect akin to gazing at trees in a forest. The remix on the other hand is more varied in structure and includes tribal drumming that switches from left to right on your speakers and added echoing guitar line. The track is where the shoegaze influence comes out. The track ‘Machine (2010 Mix)’ is a Jesu-like instrumental with its chilled out beat and buzzing riff with keyboards in the background.

This a pretty good ‘metalgaze’ release. If you’re a fan of Jesu or Final you’ll like this.

Prvá recenzia na album "Dale Woods" môjho projektu newmachine od Boba Sancheza na stránke http://shoegazeronline.com/

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